A Lonely Waiting

Hurt. Frustrated. Sick. Doomed. Angry. All these feelings happen to me each micro-second. Me, being vulnerable these past few weeks waiting for a thing that might enlighten my ego or can be something that might help me back to my hometown!! It’s a thing called a car. Touche! Don’t you hate waiting?? It’s suck, huh? I trade in my family’s car, which is 1993 Proton Iswara to buy Satria Neo and that’s happened 4 weeks ago. A week before I gave up my car, my bank loan had been approved. Before the loan approved, my future car was already there. It’s no one car. Nobody. Just waiting for someone to have it. Because of someone stupidity, which “procrastination” is always be their number one motto, I still didn’t get my car until today. People ask the same question everyday. They wondered and I always give them the same lame answer everyday. I call and sms-es thousand times a day the person who in charge about the car and she always gives me the same freaking stupid answer. One thing for sure, she knows how to create a false hopes and fake excuses. So, I just wait everyday, perhaps she would call and bring me good news. I have no angry anymore because the angry times had past. Just wait..alone..and i remember a qoute from a movie Titanic. It sound like “..waiting to die, waiting to live, waiting for an absolution, that would never come…”.Hmmmm.Is it related??

I can’t wait to be in that car..seriously..


9 thoughts on “A Lonely Waiting

  1. waa..
    sama cam aku la masa beli myvi dulu dekat 2bulan gak la tunggu sengall toi!
    last2 aku tukar kedai, minta down payment balik p beli kat kedai len..seminggu je dapat kete..
    banyak2 bersabar ye piji!
    smart arr kete neo tapi mak aku xnak sbb xda pintu belakang heee

  2. i thought its gooin to be in black??!!!no meh..bt i loike d black version so cool.and yea me too CANT WAIT TO BE IN PaSSENGER SEAT IN THAT CAR obviously!wink wink..hikhik =) nways chill dude!!!ur car will come SOON..crossing ur fingers.later got ur car test drive terus p bukit jalil aite!ahahh =p

  3. da g bkt jalil tu,alang2 tu lajak mai la ke equine..hehehe..tol x atiq?tu la..aku mmg minat gile arr ngan neo..nnti aku amek neo gak,kite race ek?ade brani?huhu..jom atiq,kite rempit ngan neo oren..ahakszz!!

  4. yuppie..aah xjauh equine dgn bukit jalil dekat je den pastuh straite naek sket sampai sunway!lepak kat sunway laks..yeay! =) aah aku minat kaler hitam dowh.set aku amek hitam ko amek kaler ape syud???pastu jom p race kat…mane besh??jhom jhom tgk sape menang belanja Chillis!oyeah =p

    papepown aku nak test drive neo oren kat atas tuh…vroom vroom vroom.hehe

  5. Whoa.. ur orange colour neo make me fell jelous… dont u know, before this i am planning to buy a neo.. but…. long story.. finally i buy gen 2. jelous!! huhu.. come to JB after u get ur car… show off ur car to aweks- aweks JB. :).. they will like it

  6. keta dah dapat ke belum? bila boleh datang jb round-round johor. keta neo kan laju, tak sampai satu hari satu jb dapat cover.huhu.

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