I don’t want to go to Redang!

It should be a great gateway after a hectic work schedule and it’s going to be my first visit to Redang Island. The word “Yay” shouldn’t be use in this context since it’s not really “yay” holiday for me. I think, partly is because my best man behind, which is also my best friend Asyraf couldn’t join me. This is a company trip and obviously, we’re not working under the same roof. So there will not much flashing from my camera since it can be excited we he’s around. Cam Whore??!! (owh I just hurt myself haha).Our focus when we there is to develop a web site of our company (doesn’t it great doing the brainstorming on an island?). We used to have one but no one willing to take care of it. They put me in the development team (or intentionally put me in there?)..Ahhh don’t care-lah. Me and the other three people will work on the programming side using “God knows what language is”. This is only the beginning of doing something that is out of my work scope but this is also a beginning of getting new skill and add extra features in my resume later (you can say “yay” now…). Talking about Redang, I believe it’s a magnificent island. Its clear view beach and white pearl sand could be a heaven to everybody. Even I’m not excited having this free trip, I’m refuse to think bad thing. It could be a very great holiday. Could it triumph the happiness of the Cameron trip? Could be Yeah..Could be Nay..Could be yadda yadda… owh whatever, I’m going there tomorrow and I’m going to make it great. Owh yeah, we’re going to stay in Laguna Redang Island, and heard a rumor that the resort is superbly amazing. Chow Babeh!!


5 thoughts on “I don’t want to go to Redang!

  1. Jalan ajer keje company ko, tak paham aku… hehehehhe…
    Whore? Hahahah.. saper yang ngaku nih… hahahhaha…
    wes best ar ko wat website.. nanti dah siap cakap, nak tengok hasil kerja ko. Bleh ah ko blaja design website sendiri skali, huh jelesnyer aku.

    Pastu nak tanya ah, camaner nak add widget yang best2? Apsal aku insert widget termasuk guna Vodpod tak jadi poooommmm… hhuhuhuhu.. tulun ah aku. Buruk ah sidebar skarang…

  2. hahah whore tu simbolik jak…addicted to blogging..tp aku nak ucapkan tahniah pd diri sendiri sbb blog ni lah yg paling lama pernah aku maintain!! haha…nanti kalau ada masa nak buat koloborasi dgn ko, baru aku nak setup site sendiri..ko kreatif siket..
    widget dia terhad la…aku pun kekadang tak pandai..tp cuba ko baca FAQ dia…mesti ada dia kasi tunjuk nak add widget

  3. uuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaa besh nye wat web?im so envious! nak wat jgak!!! so like leaving all d web thingy behind oready…huh enjoy redang!!!i poonnn nak pp hhoolliiidaayyyyyy p xdak cuti..sob sob..huhu

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