My New Kiddo

After 3 months, me aching inside without having a broadband in my life. Now everything is over when I bought the usb modem for RM550. It’s kinda expensive but I only pay RM100 (the rest is from my brother and sister hehe). I ask them to give me some money for that purpose. It’s not appropriate since I already have a job but I couldn’t wait any longer. I have to pay RM99 per month for the subscription service from Celcom. Once it’s activated (even I had to wait for 3 damn days!) , the first thing that I do is to download the tv series! Yay!!! At first, I thought the speed will going to be super slow (because it’s wireless) but it’s actually pretty well. It’s not fair to compare with wired broadband but lucky for me, I got a decent speed. The con is, Celcom implement fair usage policy that prohibited user to use more than 5Gb per month. It’s to avoid the so-called 1% user who always hogging the network (especially for those who are a heavy torrent downloader). Unfortunately, that fact is true and I have to be more discipline when it comes to download something. That a little bit bothering me but I need to enjoy this moment back (yerp, I’m still missing my Jaring). Owh yeah, something big is going to happened next week. Curiousity killed! So just wait for the news.

Things are getting smaller (indeed)


5 thoughts on “My New Kiddo

  1. yeay!with that connection, i will get my super tv series back on the track from none other than YOU, my superb provider!!!oyeah oyeah.counting d time to have =p

    p/s: your oth still with me and heck, dunow when goin to giv u back or else i jadikan itu hak milik i..ngehngeh kidding!dtg with your coming *toot toot* la den can bring me jejalan oyeah oyeah =p

  2. yerp..indeed..for sure 🙂
    u gotta wait till next week
    perhaps that toot tooot
    will come out soon…

  3. wess, apa daa celcom, bayar memahal tapi tower kat kajang asyik kena repair je, ada sesapa yg boleh pegi tgkkn tower tu? upgrade aper la,a sgt. iskkk… mujur aku still ada tmnet. idup tmnet!!! idup torrent!!!! idup DL!!! hehe

  4. Piji, aper kehebatan amat ko nyer baby baru nih? Tapi kan streamyx takde had poooooonnnnn… n apsal ko pakai wireless? ko ader laptop ek? bleh pakai kat maner2 jer…

  5. .:. Abe .:.
    ala..aku takde fixed line..kenela pakai celcom..pakai maxis kang lg teruk..service dia ke laut..ada kontrak lg..pasal tower tuh, mintak mangapla..ko pesanla sesape kt situ jgn suka curik besi, nnti tumbang plak tower dia

    .:. Patem .:.
    kehebatannya dia takde kontrak,portable , n direct donlod mmg laju..torrent ada problem tp dia kene tgk tmpt.kalau torrent kt opis bley plak sbb dekat dgn menara celcom.modem ni aku pakai kt pc aku la..dia bukan mcm wi fi tuh

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