When Is Your Birthday??

I tend to forget the birthday of the people around me. Even i keep a reminder in my phone, i’m still forget it (or buat-buat lupe). So to ensure this year (and the next year) i will not forget their birthday, i’ll post everybody’s (that i know) birthday date here. I’ll sort it into different categories and if u want me to put your birthday here, just put it in the comment section. I’ll update the list ASAP!!! For those who i didn’t put it in the list, don’t worry..I’ll keep it updated.


Asyraf 23 July

Hafiz Yasin 10 April

UKM Click

Hanifah Zabiri 18 Febuary

Amirudin Baki 24 January

Anis Gilmore 10 December

Take 16 October

Abe 6 September

Cairo Click

Nicolas 28 Febuary

Afifi 5 March

Syakir 12 April

Kak Ani 11 December

Nabilah 17 December

Kak Siti 18 Febuary

Kak Su 10 November

Azwan 21 June

Cosmopoint Click

Atiqah 26 Febuary

Syud 27 Dis

Friendster Click

Hafiz 14 Mei


4 thoughts on “When Is Your Birthday??

  1. besday aku…

    6 hb tiap2 bulan!!!

    tapi 6 september punya hadiah kena lebih besar dari bulan2 lain k…

    tepatnya aku lahir 6 sept 1986

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