J-Card Chaos

I made a vow (not to God) that I won’t go to Jusco yesterday because they held a J-Card day, the only day in 365 days they cut the goods up to 80%! You could expect the overwhelming crowd and finding a car park is just a nightmare. But, in the end of the day, I raised a white flag and went there JUST to join the crowd and feel the heat. Contradict to the early intention, I went to the ATM and took out about RM100 to pay for my gas (RM100?? Seriously?). When I reached Jusco, it was already full with cars parked beside the road. It’s illegal but who cares? Fortunately, I got a nice space without torturing myself wandering around just to get a 3m parking space. I met my housemate that already waiting inside (a bit surprise that he haven’t a J-Card!). Once we enter, the crowd was just overwhelming and it’s in the middle of the month (gosh, where they get the money..owh ok..their saving PLUS credit card). It’s hot inside and one thing for sure, I hate the crowd (dear…what do u expect? It’s J-Card day lol). It just too many people like there will no tomorrow. I didn’t buy much because of the crowd (or the limited budget) but I managed to buy a new wallet. Oh dear, the last time I change it was like 3 years ago and it doesn’t look like a wallet now. The total amount is RM213 and we get RM20 voucher (which is only valid the next day after – I know this because I tried to use the voucher to buy something but the cashier said I can only use it tomorrow..Duhh). On the way back home, the traffic was really heavy and I’m really exhausted. I got to take a few pictures, just to show the intensity of the human being inside it. If I have kids, I will not bring them there but there were a lot of parents who bring their children despite the overloaded crowd. Seriously? Is it worth buying something cheaper than the safety of the kids? They put their children’s stake on the 80% promotion.


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