The Stupid Retard Driver

Why on Malaysian’s road full with the maniac and inconsiderate driver? Why on hell they still breathing in this world while their existent just to suffer everybody else? I cannot stand with the way some of the drivers who act like their father build the road. Hey Mr, I also paid the tax and please use it like a civilized people! Is it hard to give the damn signal or the world will crumble in a second if u wait for a minutes at the traffic light? Some of them just use “kancil” but act like they driving Harrier or Storm. Paling tak tahan, they modified their Satria into GTI. Pakcik! Doesn’t it obvious u change it? If u can’t afford it, just act that u can’t afford it. Owh ok, that’s another story by some people who doesn’t want to alter their ego. If the rain fall heavily, the second thing that u need to do while you driving is to turn on your head light (u know the first right?) but there are some ‘kampung’ driver just ignore it. Hey fella, u think I have supervision eyes to see your car in that situation ( I wish this kind of people will get into Sg Kelang and stuck into Smart Tunnel and being buried there peacefully). Don’t you realize that making your car ‘disappear’ in that heavy rain is super dangerous? Does turn the light on will drain your battery or making your car slower? If that so don’t turn it on ‘lah’ at night. Kan? Let it hit and bump whatever things in front of it. Another problem is the car behind just too close with your car. What? Does my ass attract you to sniff it? Let say u kiss my ass, the law will blame you, not me! Watch out your own ass, don’t bother others lah brader.The ultimate problem is Mat Rempit. Their status as a stupid motorcycle driver had been upgraded into a high class standard when this one fella bring them to North Pole and let them jump from 1000m up in the air to show to the whole world that Malaysia Boleh! Is that how u define the spirit of Malaysia Boleh? The irony of the jumping expedition is, on the same time the rempit there, the researcher was also there to do a research about the global warming. They said the ice in North Pole become thin effect from the global warming. They also advise to the organizer to hold or change the venue of the jumping because they might fall into freezing water because of the thin ice. What is the purpose of the jumping? Why don’t we be like the people who think forward about the future of our humanity. My theory is the effect from the jumping will be delayed the vast effect of global warming for about 1 second? Now who is stupid? Hahaha. If u are driving and see the mat rempit, the only advise is to give them a way, Do not make any obvious sign that u hate them because the effect can be fatal. Let them “perasan” as a king for a while. If you’re a good person, u may pray that someday they will change. This is the reality of what is happening on our road every day. Seriously, why don’t we behave like a real human on the road? Owh, it’s our mentality.


4 thoughts on “The Stupid Retard Driver

  1. sup

    satria convert into gti??
    did it borthering you?

    i heard satria gti but never heard wira gti
    think before say, okay


  2. well…
    mat rempit = reckless car driver
    i think reckless car driver more dangerous than mat rempit

    think other ppl that using motorcycles as their common transport…

    they die more than car driver… each year.


  3. i never said converting from wira to wira gti
    it’s the normal Satria..they turned into Gti
    it doesn’t look good..
    mat rempit n reckless car driver are just the same
    they shouldn’t be on the road
    but mat rempit scare me more =)

  4. ko tak rasa lagi kepoyoan driver kat parit raja, batu pahat nih.. mmg tempat yang paling giler ah aku rasa bab2 jalan raya nih.. meh ah test meh…

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