Holiday On Top

Holiday yang sangat best! Cameroon Highland was fantastic place to visit, even some expecting more! Ini trip yang pertama sekali dengan ofismate sejak kerja kat Cairo. Thanks to Kak Ani who started all this.

Yang pergi semuanya dalam 12 orang, termasuk Asyraf. Kebetulan aku dah rancang nak pergi vacation dengan dak Rap lepas dapat kerja, tengok-tengok ada peluang ni, apa lagi..kita joinlah sekali. So kami bertolak hari Sabtu pagi dengan naik kereta dak Rap. Mula-mula kami rasa sangsi sebab ada dua budak Perancis yang akan tumpang kereta kami tapi bila dah gerak, semuanya ok. Bukan macam ayam cakap dengan itik la

But actually it turns out pretty well. They’re an easy going person and I’m very comfortable along the hectic journey. Before we reached the top, the scenery below there was amazing. There was a beautiful hill that has a unique structure and the greenery forest just make me wanting more when I’m up there! When we reached halfway to Brinchang, the air started to feel cold and I felt like I could touch the cloud (I know it sound extreme but u got to experience it by urself). Around 1230pm, we reached Brinchang and we checked in into our budget hotel called The Green Garden. It just beside the roadside in the middle of the small and busy town. After we had lunch (Ok, the lunch wasn’t great since we ate in the filthy food court) we went to our first stop.

1) Strawberry Farm. This farm is extremely different from we expect because there was no strawberry! There have but the strawberry didn’t ready yet to be plucked. At there, there sell a lot of types of cactus. The price was also acceptable but I didn’t have interest to buy any cactus since it’s only meant to be watch (got what I mean, huh?). They also sell this weird fruit (and I can’t remember what its name). It’s in yellow color with a thin skin that needs to be open before we eat it. The taste is really sour and I only eat it only once. I hate the taste but all the French love it. Clearly we have a different taste bud huh?

2) Tea Plantation – Owh it’s darn freaking beutilicious! That tea farm was really amazing. It just beside the roadside and u could see a very fantastic view from the top. The farm is really huge and there’s a small river in the middle of it. This place is a must if you come to Cameron. We took a lot of pictures and we were like kids in kindergarten haha. It feels like a heaven that we were never imagined. I couldn’t help myself to take as much pictures as I can and it’s like every second everybody had to stop to take a picture. It was the greatest moment while I’m there.

3) Night Market – The location is just near from our hotel and we just had to walk. Despite the fact that I hate the crowd, the market was great. It sells almost everything from a souvenir until a fresh honey. My favorite was a chocolate strawberry! The taste is so great (and it was my first time I tried it). The chocolate is really rich in flavor; add with a sweet sour taste from the strawberry. I don’t know when I will get to taste it again. Fact: A French people doesn’t care about the strawberry because they had enough back in their country. It just like Malaysian comes to French and sees the rambutan. Next!

4) Dinner – We tried steamboat and it was my first time too. We ordered for 9 people but it seems they served to 20 people. There was a lot of left out and no one is willing to finish it since everybody is already full. We just wanna to say thanks a lot to Nico, Jeff, and Emmanuel because it’s all on them (it means they belanja maa). But one thing for sure, it’s quite expensive. But like Jeff said, “It’s our pleasure”.

The next day, after we checked out, we went to the real strawberry farm with strawberry in it. Unfortunately, they don’t allow people to pluck it by themselves. But what the heck, as long I can take a nice pictures and taste a fresh strawberries from the farm, is just enough. After that we went to the Blue Valley (unfortunately everything is green there) to see a flower farm. I wasn’t very excited because I felt a bit dizzy and it just like I will vomit anytime. Our plan to go to the Lata Kijang waterfall was cancelled because the rain was really heavy. I’ve never experience that kind of rain.

Around 830 pm, we reached UTM. Again, I’m the last one who arrived (I can get The Most Sopan Driver of the Century I guess = p). To sum it up, it was a great getaway, far from hustle and bustle of KL city. It’s not going to happened again anytime soon but perhaps there will be another chance.


4 thoughts on “Holiday On Top

  1. Send my regards to the one in blue shirt, wearing somehow yellow cap and also the one behind him wearing black tee i guess. They are in d 1st picture up2 there..teehheee =D dun forget yah..


    kak ani and her daughter – kak sue – u mobile’s galz – fizzy – shahrule – nico – jeff – emanuel – babak – ME 🙂


  3. ey…seyes ke gsc bagi tiket free???i pegi last sat xde pown..and cite kat muv skang pun xbesh gak..huhu nak ekot gie langkawi!nak ekot!!!beshnye..chuti2 meshia.. =p

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