Who Am I??

I left my blog alone in a week! I was very lazy even I have a lot of things to write. Right now, I’m in the moment yang tidak memungkin aku untuk membuat sebarang kerja. My mind is somewhere outside, some place that I’ll definitely spend a lot of money. I have to be in Mid Valley today (is it ok to use I HAVE TO??) to terminate my broadband account from Jaring. I’ve already moved out, and no use is using it. Terminating it just like pulling something that is so precious and meaningful from my life. Obviously I’m addicted to it. I’m nobody if I don’t have internet at my house! And I’m not being myself about a month ago. I used to be a person who supplied tv series and movies to my friends. I’m a hardcore tv series fan like Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Lost, Smallville, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill etc. My last movie that I download was The Passionate Life of Edith Piaf. Right now I feel so sick knowing the fact that I can’t watch my favorite tv series anymore. I need about RM600 before I can get my internet back. Well that price is to buy a USB Modem (gooshh why it has to be so darn expensive!). Even having that pricy modem, it doesn’t guarantee my getting a smooth connection because it’s wireless broadband. A single tv series can take about 2 days (maybe) compare with before just about 2 hours. I love to be a guy that I used to be. I just need a decent  broadband connection to be that guy again.


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