The Recipe Is Secret

On my way back home, my heart crying wanting to have some cake put into my mouth. Just thinking about the cheese and yogurt mixing together with some raspberry cream on top of it make my mind uncertain. To have the finest cake in town, I stopped by at Secret Recipe (SR), Bangi. Everybody knows this place. They serve the most yummilicious cake ever (as I know lah) despite having a piece of it can be very expensive. People don’t care much about the price as long they serve tasty and yummy cakes. There’s only one cake in my mind; yogurt cheese cake! Actually, it’s my first cake that I ever taste at SR. It was recommended by my buddy, Alip-O. Since then, I always buy this cake and even I tried others too but it’s still my favorite. I bought 2 slice of cake, yogurt cheese (of course-lah) and tiramisu. It was my first time I try tiramisu, but again my yogurt cheese beat it easily haha. SR is still the best since it’s the only cake house that exists in Bangi. I’m also having some great moments with SR:

Patem treat me here as a thank you for providing her Supernatural series. Can’t forget the tasty chicken with melting cheese inside it! Patem, bile nak mai sini? Aku rindu kat hang!

Alip also ‘belanja’ me mocha ice blended after helps him finding a place for his interview in Shah Alam.

Belanja diri sendiri after finished my very first interview at one of the company in Bangi. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that job. Bad JuJu huh?

With 2 slice of cake and 2 mineral water, I lepak with Saleh and borak2 at there almost 1 hour and half.

    P/S: oittt!!! for my birthday please get me the whole yogurt cheese cake?! ;p



    Yogurt Cheese Cake!


    Tiramisu…So so je lah…


    4 thoughts on “The Recipe Is Secret

    1. i nak NEW YORK CHEESE CAKE and CHEESE BROWNIES with CHOCOLATE BLENDED pls..tenkiu..getting expensive la skang..dah aroun 6 plus d rite? the last tyme i bot it one whole cake dah jadi rm 70 now..fuyohh for one yummylicious cake!

    2. erk… aku tatau link tu wujud, bukan aku nyer tuh… muahahahaha…

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