DoeS mUsiC turN U oN?

It’s like a wedding vs election. Both happened on the same day. Some may confuse which one they have to go. I’m 24. I’m eligible to vote but I didn’t even register. I don’t know why but it seems I never care. There were 2 wedding invitations that I had to attend. The first one was my brother in law’s sister and the other one was my friend. I could say that both ceremony were good, it just I couldn’t stand with the hot weather. One of the wedding played a very loud music and the other one didn’t. It raised a question, does it necessary to have music on the wedding day?

I found it annoying playing loud and hard music on such ceremony. The played rock songs most of the time especially from the 80’s. I just couldn’t stand it but I have to bare with it. I could plugged my ears and listen to my mp3’s but it’s rude. Then for the second wedding, there were no music at all. It seems peace and quiet at first, but then it turns so bored. Moreover, the guest isn’t much. So I think (at that moment) would it be great if there is music. Errrrrrmm ok.

I think the music helps to entertain the guest and make the ceremony be more cheerful and happening. What’s more important is the selection of the songs. Obviously Umbrella’s song from Rihanna is not in the list (Marie Digby version can be consider-lah). Songs from the 80’s and 90’s is a great selection since most of the guest is come from that generation but make sure that the songs aren’t too hard or too slow. I don’t say it’s an easy job but to make your wedding (or our typical) day more entertaining, we have to do it.


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