Singing Therapy

Last weekend was great. I had lot of fun hanging out with my friends. It’s been a while I never go out with them especially Tg. He insisted asking me to join him going to the karaoke. I said “great idea” because I never been there actually (soooo pathetic..huh). I mean, really, at the age of 24, it’s going to be my first time. All 4 of us, Tg, Barrock, Saleh and I went to Warta (very famous loor in Bangi hehe) for that purpose. Of course, wer not singing in a big fancy room, it just a small partition that could fit either 2 or 4 person. It freaking cheap. RM1 per song and we spent about RM12 (do your own calculation – lah). Obviously, I’m the worst singer in that night. Guess I don’t have a natural born talent. The funniest moment was when I sing Ghazal Untuk Rabiah with Saleh. Beb, M Nasir boleh nangis dengar kami nyanyi!! Yang Tulus Yang Kudus Yang Mulus..blablabla hahaha. It’s fun. It’s not about how well u r in singing, it’s more about gelakkan orang lain punya singing..very relaxing (I’m so mean, am i? haha)

Then we proceed to Alamanda for bowling. We had to wait about ½ hour before we get our turn. It’s not really fun because we didn’t get a suitable ball. Either it’s too heavy or the holes just too small. We didn’t have much choice. The end result, everybody did terribly. Bak kate orang melayu ‘tak reti menari, lantai pulak disalahkan’. Hmm boleh?

So we closed our night with having dinner at B B Tom yam around 130am. I just love the restaurant (and that just make me so hard to leave Bangi next month).It’s so great doing something that doesn’t related to the computer HeHe


3 thoughts on “Singing Therapy

  1. I am wondering when will i get my PB, OTH and this natasha’s song????uwaa nak listen lor..klo letak leh download mp3 from here kan besh and senang lagi..huhu

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