Nico’s B’Day

It’s a birthday wishes blog or wut??hEhE.. So today, Nicolas or Nico, a master student who sit behind me in CAIRO (the place where i currently working) celebrate his 22nd birthday. The original plan was to bring him to the mamak stall who serve Nasi Kandar, since it is his favourite local dish (Fifi told me this!) but his lecturer from French came by and he had to joined him for a lunch with our Professor. So the plan changed. Then we bought him a cake and celebrate it in the office with all the staff. It supposed to be a surprise but i think he already knows haha (Nice fifi!! ur acting really works!).

Nico helps me a lot because his master has something to do with my work PLUS he’s doing it in C#(and I use this language for my project). U should hear he talking in Malay..sometime it’s hilarious especially when he said “TIPUUUUU” wekekekekeke

all the best dude…wish u good luck and all the best with ur master!Nico


2 thoughts on “Nico’s B’Day

  1. OMG that cake totally look so mouth watering one.and that chocolate cream looks so tempting la!!!gosh am so hungry d..

    btw wish him happy bday for me and gosh i loike this natasha bedingfield!!!!i nak lague tuh..send thru email to me wanna it…hikhik =)

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