Tiki 23rd Birthday

Tiki??Whois Tiki??Habisla aku kene marah plak dengan my sweet charming friend, Atiqah or lebih proper dipanggil Atiq. Tiki tu just nama manja member2 dia masa kat UKM. Tol tak Tiki??!!

I know her since I joined Cosmopoint. She sat in front of me with her other 2 Sarawakian. At first memang jarang nak tegur sbb rasa macam ada gap , tapi in the end pun still jarang bertegur sebab lebih banyak berYM dari cakap LiVe! Hahaha i would say it’s a unique friendship. Wer close but in a different way.

Skang ni bile dah kerja, jarang2 dapat berYM macam dulu ( and I mIssEd it!) sebab Tiki ni suka taip perkataan yang pelik-pelik. Mula2 susah jugak nak faham, tapi alah bisa tegal biasa. Tiki suka hati order tv series dari aku especially XoXo and One Tree Hill (nasib ur pinky hard disc laju bile nak transfer fail hehe)

I still owe her Pavillion Jco Donut & McFlurry! Tiki, I promise once the right time is come (perhaps it’s going to be soon) U’ll get that both! Ayte!!

So on ur 23rd Birthday, I wish u good luck and happy always with Him. Jangan lupa bagi update about what happened in your life! Happy Birthday my





3 thoughts on “Tiki 23rd Birthday

  1. Hey!i am here and it was like..OMG am so honoured became one of ur entries!!!thank yew my dear fren and ya, u still owe me my mcd ice cream plus dat sweet filling JCO donuts for real!!am still waiting for that..anyhow, thanx a lot ya for this entry.and gosh i so wanna all our pixxies.when can i have it???and plus me memang ske order tv series from u cuz im so can get it done like a few days only..hikhik so now am craving for more and more tv series that yet to come on my way!!!till then enjoy ur work…have fun..tata

    -the one who is craving for CupCakes now- so yummy!!!!nyum nyum XD…

  2. i did said i was craving for one sweet filling cupcakes not that im goin to make one..ehehe dunnow how to make it lar..if eat eat i know d best!hikhik =)

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