My New Bachelor House

Damn.. i just can’t believe how fast time passing by. I think i’m still eligible to be called teen-agers. Blah blah blah.. i’m 24 (not yet) better to think about it twice. Bukannnya apa…last Saturday, I went to see my new house PLUS meeting with my new house mates. It’s an apartment, 9 floor out of 18. It just 3 of us, one if my former classmate when i was in sekolah rendah, and the other guy is his friend (who just started a job here). Aku nerves betul bile nak ada housemate..luckily i didn’t have to share my room (thanks!!!). I have a lot of history with roomate that’s end up with a conflict and ugly drama.Shoooooot!. So perhaps this time my housemate tak carik pasal atau apa2 pun sebab any second aku boleh chow and going back to my heaven which is in Bangi.

I consider myself lucky bcoz my apartment near Jusco Wangsa Maju and Carrefour since I love to hang out places like that ( maksudnya i can have anything la instead bazir minyak jalan jauh2 just to have a nice food or clothes). It also on 15 minutes to my work. Say goodbye lah to hideous jam at Jln Tun Razak n Sg Besi yang tak pernah diresolve oleh my lovely government (wake up lah u blithering Idiot – perhaps tak kene sue dgn statement camnieh haha). One more important points, my other house mate already spend RM3000 to equipped the house with washing machine, 21′ TV with ASTRO, a freezer, and he also paid for the deposit. I mean, Hell Thanks since I didn’t get my paid yet (and didn’t have such that amount to help him to buy that stuff). I suppose being a HerbaLife agent really paid him up.

These are my wish list living in my new apartment:-

  1. Do not bring ur other UNWANTED friends to come over to the house to often. Occasionally oklah. Privacy kasi jaga lah
  2. Please pay the rent on time. I don’t want to be a sugar-daddy for others.
  3. Never Ever smoke in house. U nak mati, u mati sorang-sorang.
  4. I will never let anyone to use my car, unless i’m the driver. Sound selfish but seriously, once u let ur friends to use ur car, they will ask for it again and again.
  5. I’d love to share my things like stuff to drink or eat e.g milo,nescafe,bread,etc but perhaps it just not me who feed ur tummy full!

Perhaps that isn’t too much. I just want to make sure everything will be fine because i’m not going to stay there for one or two days. As long i can take, i’ll stay there and no no no to drama or any stupid attitude that just make me want to throw out. Wish me luck!

I wonder if everything end up well……


5 thoughts on “My New Bachelor House

  1. a response to mawar comment :


    dah pindah wangsa maju???so near to my cuzzie’s place la..leh ar g sowphing kat jusco wangsa maju..

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