Being Old Comes With a Gift

It’s a weird taught, for me as a person. Somehow today, I feel like being old is the end of my life. The end for everything like watching cinema, listen to the music, wearing jeans ?, big fatty belly, hanging out with friends at the mall and lot more to come. Over 30’s is old. I’m turning 25 next year and that scare me to death..?. 5 years more before I start slowing down my activities, build my own family etc. There are a lot of things to handle. It seems, here, men over 30 tend to abandon their appearance. They let their belly outshine everything, wearing whatever they can get, wear eyeglasses, etc etc etc. Having to visualize, myself, when I’m in that age isn’t really great. Now I’m being paranoid =) But at least I concern.


2 thoughts on “Being Old Comes With a Gift

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahah…
    dude terime jerlah ko akan tua gak nanti.
    kalo tak tua, bila maser nak kawen.
    kalo tak tua, bila maser nak dapat gaji yg ko tunggu2 tuh…
    kalo tak tua, bila maser nak tgk sn season 4 n 5… heheheheh
    kalo tak tua, bila ko nak buat sumer2 yang ko nak buat skang tuh…
    kalo tak tua, duk sampai arini jer lah ko….

  2. pateng…being old tuh kan sesuatu yg cam scary
    when u wake up, u looking at the mirror
    and u see kedut2, uban2 tak diundang
    perut boyot, lemak gumpal2
    takot wooo…tuhla kene sedar dr skang
    xmo jadi tua buruk huduh =( @@@ !!

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