My First Pay Check?

Week 2 is more like connecting with people here and makes myself comfortable, despite the nervous feeling that I have every time I come to work. I even wake up for 30 seconds at 3 or 4am every night (It’s a great feeling, I tell ya =) ). It feels like “owh, I’ll have 2 hours more to sleep”. I also got a new task to do with my team. Since my background in programming isn’t really promising, I found it a little bit hard. Luckily, one of my team members has a good experience doing it. I have 5 functions to finish this week and I only managed to do only 2 (but I didn’t test it yet haha). I can’t wait for the weekend. It means I don’t have to wake up so damn early and facing the super hideous traffic jams along Jalan Tun Razak. Besides, my great friend will come over to my place to play bowling. He has a PTD test ( a test for u to be eligible to become a government servant ) in Bangi. Most of my friends have this test on this weekend. I already took the test (I passed!) but I refuse to go to the next stage because it’s beyond my interest. Ok, next! There’s also a rumors that I will not get my paid this month. MAYBE, in the end of March because my other colleague (who is really sweet and petite) didn’t get her paid yet even she joined here early January. Doesn’t it sound like the horrible thing yet happened to me? Guess I need to be moderate in everything before I get my first pay-check!


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