Day One

I woke up several times last night, thinking of how’s today will become. How it will turn out at the end of the day? Am I succeed? Am I good enough to be there? Am I really mature in every steps that I take? All of the questions keep playing in my mind and it makes me hard to sleep. I tried and tried but yet, I’m still awake =p (a phone call from Razif tu di luar skop )

This morning, I went out at 645am, surprisingly, the road already fulled with cars.

Fiction: If I go out early, I can avoid the traffic jam

Reality : If everybody thinking the same way that I think, of course traffic jam-lah

So i reached at work at 745 am( kok awal bangat sihhh ). Take a light breakfast then I entered the office. I punched my first card then I’m being introduced to the other colleagues there. I feel awkward but I tried my very best to be a descent person hahaha. Well I need a good impression LOL. Most of the worker there are malays but there is also an Indian( he’s taking a PHD) and a French guy ( for his Master and he’s only 21!! Jaw dropped! ). Since i’m working in local company a.k.a government, so the rules are not strict (and I can wear anything that I want except nekked!!!). This is a common scenario but one thing for sure, they taking all the jobs seriously because we act as a consultant. We have client that need to be entertain.

I went back at 6pm. I feel great ( I get a brand new untouchable desktop PC ). Bau kedai BeB! Everything went fine. I’m a bit tired ( yet i’m still writing this) and ready to go to sleep now………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Owh yeah..I’m ready for tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Day One

  1. woohooo.. wish u luck for ur new job!
    rasa lapor lak nengok blog ko nih.. ada jus pisang tepi tuhh..huehuehue..

  2. i thought this is a blog about IT but it turns out to be like an emancipation of hafizie!ehe =) but cool..oh ya ive change my blog address d..i tell u later abt it ayte! =) av fun blogging cuz it’s FUN!!! =p

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