My bad day! Still remember my last post? About the ‘amazing’ service by KTM?

If the freaking train delay, do not take the first train that arrive. Wait for 2 minutes, there will be another train will come. Possibility 80%. Yay!

I gave that tip and today was the judgement day weather the tip is true or not. Today is a day before my last day working in KL. Everything seem fine since morning, I had a breakfast with a “finesse” nasi lemak at Sri Tangkas, had a “mouth watering” meat soup at Ani Sup Utara, but KTM (again!! duh) ruined everything.

When i reached KTM station, there was a lot of people. I knew the freakin’ ugly train delayed. Then i remember my own advise, like i post above. After 15 minutes, the first train arrived, packed with people. I didn’t do anything. I sat there looking others who trying their best to fit in the coach. I assume, after 2-3 minutes, another train will come.Guess what?? 20 minutes!!! I had to wait 20 minutes before that bitch arrived. It’s already fulled. Well, i just wait for another train to come.

Another 20 minutes!! Yeah it’s fulled but I don’t care. I tried my best to fit in and luckily I get in to it. I follow my advise but ‘hallelujah’!! I’m duped! The best part is, after 2 minutes I reached my station, another train arrived! Hell No!! Owwwhhhhh….gosh! Guess it wasn’t my day. The 2 minutes advise is only applicable after u reach ur destination. Owh..whatever!


4 thoughts on “DuPe!!

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……
    malangnyer nasib ko…..

  2. nanti dah baca nih msg aku tau. tak kesah ah fwenster ker aper….
    so’lan nyer, dalam bayk2 blog free yg ko pakai kan? yg maner paling best tahap cipan gaban? rindu ah zaman berblogan nih…. hehehehehe….

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