The Never Ending Service

I’ve been using KTM Komuter “regularly” for the past 6 months since I’m working in KL. Getting into the town with my 17 years old car isn’t a bold choice. The worst part is, there is no parking space there beside facing the traffic jam and the rudeness of the “city-minded” driver. The freaking moron “Mat Rempit” doesn’t count-lah. So the ONLY choice is to take the Komuter and Star-LRT everyday. 1 hour journey and RM8.20 as the fare price. Lousy, pathetic, sloppy. Yeah, that’s a new motto for the KTM. They always have a problem with their train’s schedule especially in the afternoon, while thousand of tired employee heading back home (hoping they can get home A.S.A.P). After having a very long day in a office, dealing with their pervert boss, holding their breath because of the smelly colleague, or even arguing with their customer, we didn’t need to have another problem, yeah? I have enough with KTM. Sometime I have to wait more than 1 hour for the stupid train to come. That’s not it, I have to crammed into the smelly coach. The situation in there is very explicit haha. U could hear the person beside u breathing, stranger’s hand all over ur body, touching here and there, and of course, u could smell the “after 8-hours” deodorant or perfume. If you are lucky, u could smell the beautiful A-moi’s hair (A-Moi stand for the Chinese girl). If u facing these kind of problems, here are some tips:

  1. If the freaking train delay, do not take the first train that arrive. Wait for 2 minutes, there will be another train will come. Possibility 80%. Yay!
  2. Do not wait near the stair, where people come from the ticket counter. Wait at the in front ( The train’s head)
  3. Keep ur figure slim! It helps you to fit in the crammed coach. No offend but it’s true.
  4. Buy a walkman@walkman phone. It helps!! I-Pod better-lah.

But yesterday, I found ONE good thing if the train delay. I sat with this person on a bench. Since I’ve nothing to do, I took a glance on what he texting in his phone. He wrote “Hello, How are you?”.Just that. I think we rarely texting someone with just that sentence. So I conclude, since waiting is frustrating, we will start sending SMS to the person that we rarely contact. It doesn’t happened to me but somehow, it’s true-lah.


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